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George - Sunlight
Posted by julius12 on 2006.02.09 at 18:43
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away
Is this community entirely dead at this point?

Hey Dudes

Posted by jedibix783 on 2005.09.30 at 20:06
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Franz Ferdinand - Well That Was Easy
The month when we all thought we'd start being free to meet is upon us... this also means, of course, the beginning of the Moste Excellente community scarvesnhats, which, incidentally, is devoted to Remus and Sirius in the month of October. So if you love those two, and I know you do go check that out. I'll be posting under my other lj name, theenginedriver. You should consider writing for it too!

BUT! SHOEBOX MEET UP! Even though the updates are infrequent and unpredictable, our love for the box of the shoe remains strong, and we'd like to meet with our fellow obsessed cult members to drink magic Kool-Aid eat lots of toast hang out and have a good time! Unfortunately, I have a crazy work schedule and cannot guarantee being there on any particular day until a week - a week and a half - in advance (when they make up the schedule). However, we shall come up with places to meet, and potential dates, and figure something out.

I want everyone who is a member of this community to post good times for her/himself and good locations for all of us. Go on, spam everyone's flist, let's talk about this!

Good times for me:
any night except Mondays, and the weekends. Again, I can't guarantee that I will be free on any given weekend, but if we just choose a day, I can try to get it off or work the schedule to my advantage.

Good places to meet:
Tryst (Adams Morgan coffee shop)
Any bookstore coffee shop, especially the Borders at 14th and G or the Barnes and Noble at ... I want to say... 12th and F? Both of those are right near Metro Center and are very easy for us to get to.

Also, I know that a lot of us go to concerts at the Black Cat, the 9:30 club, etc. If anyone would want to meet up at any of those, or just have someone to hang out with, the next one I will be going to is the Decemberists on Sunday at the Black Cat. Also, tonight I'm going to DC9 to the Franz Ferdinand release party, but be warned, that is 21+.

All right, Shoebox ahoy!

in the interest of not letting this die

Posted by shoobopbaby on 2005.09.28 at 16:22
Current Mood: nerdy
Current Music: fix you-- coldplay
i know this was already done, and that someone mentioned sometime in late october/early november; BUT, i was wondering if maybe anyone was interested in realistically/officially suggesting locations, times, etc.?  i know it's not even the end of september, but i really don't want to see this kind of fizzle and not go anywhere seeing as i nearly peed myself upon finding out about its creation (hooray for DC!).
(ALSO, as a sidenote, but not entirely without relevance: any concert-goers here?  i am going to see coldplay at nissan pavilion on friday, and maybe kind of sort of possibly-- if somebody somewhere loves me-- ok go and rufus wainwright at the 9:30 club on halloween.  and ben folds (aksf;j!!1) in november at strathmore hall, but that's another story.  and U2 before that but, ah, seeing as it's the MCI center, i doubt anything could come of it.  nissan pavilion too, actually, but hey.  you never know, right?)
anyone?  anyone?  bueller?
p.s.-- who else went to operation ceasefire and thought it kicked, you know, a whole lotta ass? 


Posted by jedibix783 on 2005.09.22 at 00:20
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Shipwreck -- Coyote
Anyone going to the National Book Festival? Or Operation Ceasefire, for that matter? Or the environmental conference at the Convention Center in Chinatown? Lots of stuff going down in DC this weekend... I will probably be attending a mix of all three... and hopefully getting Neil Gaiman to sign my copy of Good Omens at the Book Festival.

Shoebox Love in DC and petty theft

Posted by jedibix783 on 2005.09.13 at 18:12
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Franz Ferdinand -- Outsiders

I was in the CVS around 17th and Columbia Rd NW (between Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights) looking for a birthday card for a friend when I came upon an empty slot where birthday cards should have been -- but they were sold out.  The back of the slot had a card with white on the bottom and

THISCollapse )

... on the top.  Naturally, I stole it... I wonder what they would have said if they'd caught me... or what I'd have said...

x-posted at cult_sbp

Posted by _strangerhero on 2005.09.05 at 15:24
Current Music: The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts- Sufjan Stevens
Right this is really quick...

We're starting to draw members (le woot!) so does anyone have suggestions on where and when?
Personally, since this is sbp DC I think it should be in DC and not in VA or MD. It would obviously not be in SouthEast or near Union Station because...well, everyone knows why.

Anyway suggestions anyone?

testing, testing

Posted by jedibix783 on 2005.09.04 at 02:00
just a test post to see how the layout looks

testy testy testy